Brand identification
Sunflower petals, green earth, honey bees and check, all of above constitute our brand ”GARDEN BEE”. The sunflower petals means sun, the honey bee means hard work and the check in the middle means the technology and market which we need try our best to develop and satisfy our customer’s need. We want to express our most simply idea through these elements.

On the other hand, we use yellow, red and green color which representing agriculture, science and technology and nature separately. We hope to convey the economic development model of "natural" "environmental protection" "low carbon" and highlighting the corporate social responsibility.

At the same time, yellow represents hope, red represents passion, green represents health, these three color blend meaning “unity and friendship, ambition, development and innovation”. We should devoted to create a world-renowned brand and make the enterprise health vigorous development through our wisdom and work make arduous efforts.


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