ZHEJIANG GARDEN-BEE HORTICULTURE TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. was established in August 18, 2011 .
      The company is located in SHANGPU INDUSTRY ZONE SHANGYUZHEJIANG province, which covers an area of 16000 square meters and the construction area is 20000 square meters. We are in the middle of the eastern coast of China, 200 km from the port of Shanghai and Pudong airport to the south, 100km from the Ningbo port to the east, 60 kilometers from Hangzhou airport to the southeast.
      Our main products are plastic horticultural items. There are two major series, one is plastic film, the other one is the greenhouse film.
      In the field of plastic film, we independently developed a kind of drilling equipment. The film with hole and the film with pull-off we produced are all with the latest technology and have a strong competitive edge in the market. They are so convenience which can help farmers solve the problems of manual opening. Especially in the Japanese market, it is convenient for the family garden planting. In the United States of the horticultural market, the pull-off film is become more and more popular because of the rise of home gardening in recent years.
      Our plastic film can play effect on weedcontrol, keepmoisture, anti-worm and increase production. Consumers can rest assured the food is safety and at the same time it also can greatly increase crop yield, increase the income of farmers.
      Our company developed the biodegradable film in 2011 which has been recognized by the University of Yamanashi, Japan. It is really very helpful on effectively reduce the use of plastic film and protect the environment, reduce pollution.
      In the greenhouse film, our company is committed to research and production of PO film, try very best to make the plant light, fully reduce rot, increase production.   




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